About Us

We be three... Pretty cool people. Maybe you can guess how many of us there are? Yes that's right; Twelve. No hold on, that doesn't rhyme... We love a rhyme we do, so are lucky there were only three of us who founded the company. Our strengths married together make us a force to be reckoned with. We are kind of like a modern day design and web-based superhero. But without the dodgy Lycra. One of us is a cheeky Greek with a whole lotta charm and enviable organisation and people skills. One is an architect, graphic designer and all round true design whiz who loves hot chocolate (she's also now seen on a popular BBC1 business programme). One of us is an entrepreneur who holds the purse strings - though in his case though it's not so much a purse, rather a big, manly wallet. Though the business started with the three of us, there are more that have since joined and now we be, one big happy family!